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Branded Content

"Branded Content" refers to narrative-driven content produced in partnership with a sponsor to meet specific messaging goals. Third party branding of this content is less interruptive to the viewer's experience than it is in "sponsored editorial" or "product-focused" spots. Instead, branded content places more emphasis on production value and artful storytelling, with the result that consumers may enjoy the work without even being fully aware they're being advertised to. If you'd like to preview something more recent or have a specific type of content you'd like to see, please contact me & I can provide a secure temporary screener.

In all videos linked on this page, I contributed in one of the following roles:

• Production Supervisor
• (Sr.) Post Production Supervisor

• Head of Post Production


Check out some of the projects I've worked on below or use the buttons to navigate directly to a content bucket.

Branded Content: Text
Dodge's Chief Donut Maker Episode 2 | Round 2 | MotorTrend
Rivian's Electric R1T: Surfing & Diving Adventure on the California Coast | MotorTrend
V8 Throwdown: 2022 Lexus IS 500 F SPORT Performance I MotorTrend
Nature Photography in a Ford F-150 | Naturally Confident Ep 2 | MotorTrend & Continental
Vintage BMW M3 in the Desert — Naturally Confident Ep 3 | MotorTrend & Continental
RAV4 Offroad Revamp! | Garage Rescue Episode 2  | Presented by Castrol
Dodge's Chief Donut Maker Episode 3 | Winner! | MotorTrend
Giant Killer | The Story of MINI Cooper
Dodge's Chief Donut Maker Episode 1 | Meet the Top 10 Finalists | MotorTrend
Farm Life with the Rivian R1T | MotorTrend
Rivian R1T: Electrifying the Outdoors | Leg 2 of 5: Dalton to Bartlesville | MotorTrend
72 Challenger Engine Swap! | Car Craft Challenger Build Ep 1 | MotorTrend
Sledding Uphill in a Snowmobile | Naturally Confident Ep 1 | MotorTrend & Continental
Tundra Truck Rebuild! | Garage Rescue Ep. 3 Presented by Castrol | MotorTrend
Fixing a Corvette and a Garage! | Garage Rescue Ep. 1 Presented by Castrol | MotorTrend
Fan Gets to Drift in a BMW M5! | MotorTrend x Continental Tire Home Delivery Ep. 3
Branded Content: Showreel
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