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My television work has licensing restrictions and exists behind paywalls, but I've pulled together a few links to slightly less recent public-facing branded content series that are clear to share. If you'd like to preview something more recent or have a specific type of content you'd like to see, please contact me & I can provide a secure temporary screener. You can also check out my IMDB page for a list of TV credits.

In all videos linked on this page, I contributed in one of the following roles:
• Producer / Post Producer
• Production Supervisor
• (Sr.) Post Production Supervisor
• Head of Post Production

Check out some of the projects I've worked on below or use the buttons to navigate directly to a content bucket.

Series: Text
Car Enthusiast Episode | Episode 3 - Featuring James Marsden | The InEVitable
'67 Mustang Hasn't Run in 28 Years! | Roadworthy Rescues | MotorTrend
Dodge's Chief Donut Maker Episode 2 | Round 2 | MotorTrend
Sledding Uphill in a Snowmobile | Naturally Confident Ep 1 | MotorTrend & Continental
The Performance Episode | Episode 1 — Featuring Reggie Watts | The InEVitable
Why Are EV-Specific Tires Important?  | MotorTrend
Dodge's Chief Donut Maker Episode 3 | Winner! | MotorTrend
Unbelievable Stories with Bobby Unser | Dinner with Racers S1 Ep. 3 | MotorTrend & Continental Tire
Series: Showreel
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